Walking is healthy
Healthy over stick and stone

Mountain experiences in the Golden Valley of the Alps

Wandern in Raurisertal
Hiking in Seidlwinkeltal

Hiking has developed into a new form of gentle wellness. People of all ages head off into the woods or mountains in search of relaxation and health in nature.

While hiking, many still think of knee breeches and wooden sticks. The image of the hiker has changed a lot in recent years. It has long since ceased to be just old people who populate German hiking trails. Rather, hiking has developed into a real trend sport. People of all age groups are now attracted to nature. For 25 to 39-year-olds, hiking is even at the top of their holiday plans.

No wonder, since hiking is recommended as a sport in many respects. Like cycling, walking is also very healthy for the body. Joints are not put under excessive strain, but the condition improves, the cardiovascular system is strengthened and the immune system's defences are supported. Regular and persistent walking can therefore not only have a preventive but even a healing effect.

It is no secret that hiking is not only good for the body but also for the soul. The peace and quiet of nature combined with exercise increases the mental stability of many people. Stress and worries can be put aside in the silence of the forest or in the mountains. In addition, you can escape the daily flood of stimuli in nature, but your senses are sharpened. And last but not least, a hike always becomes a unique experience of nature.

On foot from A to B - in former times this was the only way to get from A to B - until the car came.
Today, in the age of total mobility, hiking is experiencing a renaissance. Or to put it another way: walking is back in!

Good shoes are essential

The sports and clothing industry has also long since recognised hiking as a new trend sport. Hiking boots, telescopic poles and trousers made of hard-wearing synthetic fibre material have been besieging the sports shops ever since. As a true hiking fan, it is easy to spend vast sums of money on professional equipment. But this is not a prerequisite for setting off for the mountains or the forest. First of all, you should only invest in good shoes, because after all it is our feet that are put under the most strain when hiking. It depends on the paths you want to walk which pair you choose. Therefore, you should seek competent advice in a shoe shop.

Not only for the shoes but also for the other equipment the following applies: the more difficult the terrain, the better the shoes and clothes have to be. For difficult mountain tours, professional equipment is also essential. This includes sun protection, first aid kit, rescue blanket, mobile phone and telescopic poles to take the strain off the joints.

Well informed on tour

Wandern - Rauris
Hiking is not only the miller's delight.

In addition to the right equipment, thorough preparation is also very important when hiking. The following points should be observed:

  1. Always travel with a good hiking map or a hiking guide. Even before starting the hike, the exact route should be studied on the map. Information about hiking tours can also be found on the Internet.
  2. Draw up a realistic tour plan that takes into account the abilities of all participants. Calculate time for sufficient breaks and find possible starting points.
  3. If you go on a hike, you should always leave early and plan your return for the early afternoon so that you are not surprised by the onset of darkness.
  4. Inform yourself about the weather forecast. Especially in the mountains, the weather can change quickly and thus possibly become a danger.
  5. Take enough water with you on the tour. Drinking is very important and not available everywhere in nature.
  6. As a general rule: only carry as much luggage as necessary, after all, everything must be carried. Stow your luggage in a backpack so that the load is evenly distributed on both shoulders.