Bread baking at the Waldhof

We are a big family and all of us like to eat the fresh home-baked farmhouse bread. Our guests are also attracted by the pleasant smell that wafts through the house when bread is being baked. Waiting for the bread to cool down is particularly difficult for everyone.

With home-baked bread you know exactly which ingredients were used.

Flour, water, yeast, salt and bread spices (fennel, coriander, aniseed, caraway - these spices are especially good) are the ingredients for a good bread. Natural tastes the basic food and cultural goods even better.

One of the oldest and most popular types of dough, which we have inherited from our ancestors, is yeast dough. However, it has only become as versatile as it is now, and has only developed over the last 200 years. It was and is no longer possible to imagine Austrian cuisine without it. The Wuchteln or Buchteln (we call them Wuchteln), are one of the most popular warm pastries in Austria.